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Whoa, Marvel’s Spider-Man is down to just $30 right now

My spider-sense is tingling.

marvel spider-man new game plus
Image: Imgur

Holy shit you guys, Amazon is currently selling Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4 for just $30. That’s right, one of the PS4’s hottest games just got its first major discount since Black Friday.

Listen, we can give you a million reasons to play this game, but instead of wasting your time on things that you could be doing, like smashing that buy button – the most important reason is that it’s 30 stinking dollars. Honestly, you can’t beat it.

We didn’t get a chance to review the game, but a ton of us on the team have played this game and we can say in confidence, this is one of best games of the year. If you don’t believe us, you can read some stellar reviews of the game herehere, and here.

But again, the main takeaway here is that it’s $30.

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