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Why parents may want to consider call tracking apps for their kids

Most kids might feel that it is an invasion of privacy as they treat their phones like diaries and rarely keep them down or unlocked, but as a parent, you ought to.

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Phones are a luxury and a necessity for children too. Whether as play toys or for school purposes, you are likely to find a kid with probably more than one gadget. These gadgets keep most parents awake at night as they wonder what their children do with them. Many apps have been developed to track their online activities.

Most parents have embraced them, and they do use them. However, the concern should not just be centered around social media alone. You need to go a step further and consider tracking their calls. Most kids might feel that it is an invasion of privacy as they treat their phones like diaries and rarely keep them down or unlocked, but as a parent, you ought to. Below are reasons why you should.

Cyber Bullying

Back then, bullies would wait for their victims around the corner to harass them and leave. Nowadays, they want to remain anonymous as they hide behind their keyboards while doing their deed. They make threatening anonymous calls and send messages scaring kids. As most are frightened to tell, they end up suffering in silence.

When the going gets tough, some end up committing suicide leaving behind more questions than answers. To avoid this, a call-tracking app should be a top choice with parents before handing the phone to its new owners. It helps you monitor calls that look suspicious or from contacts that you do not know and avoid tragedy.

Online Predators

Kids who visit social platforms are likely to engage with strangers all the time. With a little push, they end up spilling all the beans within one single phone call to malicious online predators. Some ask for locations and even secret meet-ups intending to harm them. This does not only put them at risk but also their families.

Additionally, they have mastered their art. They call random numbers with the hope of finding their next victim. This cycle continues and leaves pain in its wake unless someone puts a stop to it. Tracking apps help fish out such numbers as they consider them spam. Others share information collected from one parent and spreads it to other users making it easy to spot and stop them right on their track.

Road Safety

Teens who have attained the age to drive are currently the same ones obsessed with their phones. They rarely keep them down for a minute before the next notification pops up. On the road, phone calls might impair their judgment and concentration. This puts them and other road users at risk. With a GPS tracker, you can tell how fast the phone is moving and when on call, you get alerts. You get to remind them of their actions and stop colossal accidents.

Cost Purposes

When you receive your monthly call bills, the outrageous amount on them can force you to drive for miles in search of answers. If you cannot afford to settle the accounts, you end up with disconnected phones. To ensure you avoid such scenarios from happening, track long calls, and the likely suspect with such tendencies might be your child. You get the choice to ask them to reduce the time on phone calls or adjust the packages to meet their needs.

Inappropriate Content

At times, your child might not be the victim but the victimizer. Without the slightest knowledge about the repercussions their actions might bring their way, they end up sharing inappropriate information through calls. If recorded and verified, they are likely to get accused, and they will most probably serve time in prison for major offenses.

The information might also harm others, and living with such guilt for the rest of their lives might be a burden too heavy to carry. Tracking the phone calls helps you stay in the know in advance and warn them before they even do it.


Some children are currently addicted to their phones, and yours might be one of them. Since it is hard to tell as you spend very little with them, tracking their phone calls might help you spot this early enough. Additionally, children with a history of substance abuse might reach out to the peddlers searching for their poison.

Since messages can be stored and retrieved, most prefer phone calls. With your phone call tracking app, it is easier to know when your child backtracks.

Grounding Purposes

Grounded children are likely to have their phones confiscated or have their use limited. Many parents block their internet access, but they can still outdo your actions by getting all the information they need through a simple phone call. To stay on top of things, tracking the calls when grounded will help you know what they are up to and even bar them from making these calls.

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