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Why Pluto TV is the free streaming service you’ve been waiting for

Cable is notoriously overpriced these days even for questionable quality content, so maybe it’s time to replace it with an alternative that still gets you quality watching material for the low price of absolutely nothing.

Pluto tv
Image: Pluto TV

Online streaming services have become increasingly popular during the past few years, mainly because of their convenience and lower price. At $15 a month, Netflix costs a lot less than conventional cable, and you get the ability to watch your favorite shows and movies anytime you please. No more waiting for the next episode or having to schedule TV time.

Unfortunately, no matter which streaming service you choose you’re never actually going to get everything that you’re interested in watching, so after opting for a few different ones at the same time (Hulu, Amazon etc.) you might find that you aren’t actually saving that much money at all.

This is where Pluto TV comes in. You might not believe it, but there actually is a free, online streaming service that provides you with the high-quality material in HD. This post will cover everything you need to know about Pluto TV, so if you’re interested in watching movies with zero hassle for zero money, read away!

Channel Availability

Unlike many online streaming services, Pluto TV actually has a channel section, which provides you with content specific to that channel, just like a normal cable service would. The channels are organized into groups, so there’s Movies, Entertainment, Comedy, Sports and so on.

If what you’re looking for is the news, Pluto TV has a lot for you in that aspect as well. Popular channels such as CNBC, Bloomberg and Cheddar are readily available, and for those of you who like oldies, the Entertainment section often shows reruns of classics from the 70’s and 80’s. Documentaries and science shows of all kinds are also available with Xive TV and Docu TV.

This isn’t nearly where it ends, though. The groups go on and on, with Life + Style, Geek + Gaming, and even a network that is wholly dedicated to stand-up comedy (simply called Stand Up). Put simply, almost everything that you can find on regular TV, you can access in some shape or form on Pluto TV – only it’s free.

The sports section is probably the only somewhat limited aspect of this streaming service, but I’ve no doubt that is subject to change in the future because Pluto TV truly delivers with almost every other section I’ve come across.  

Multi-Platform Apps and On Demand Movies

The great thing about Pluto TV is that you can watch it from almost any device. If you own a Smart TV, you can use that. If all you have is an Android smartphone, there’s a Pluto TV app you can download from the Play Store. The service is accessible via a web browser so you can stream from your desktop computer, and there’s even an app available for PlayStation 4.

As for on-demand content, since Pluto TV is mainly a movie-based streaming service, there aren’t that many TV offers currently available. If you’re partial to TV shows, then Pluto TV probably won’t be able to provide you with everything you need, but hardcore movie fans will absolutely love the on-demand stuff.

The great thing about this section of the service is that it changes frequently and they always come up with something new to keep the viewers entertained. New hit movies are featured every week, and while this can be a breath of fresh air for avid movie watchers, the downside is that the content can be a bit hard to predict. In other words, if you’re looking for specific stuff to watch, it might be a bit of a challenge.

The Bottom Line

Just the fact that there’s a free streaming service out there capable of providing viewers with fresh, high-quality content on a weekly basis is already amazing. In my opinion, it can really serve as a complete replacement for cable if you’re mainly interested in films or don’t watch that much TV, to begin with. Cable is notoriously overpriced these days even for questionable quality content, so maybe it’s time to replace it with an alternative that still gets you quality watching material for the low price of absolutely nothing.

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