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You can now use dark mode on the iOS version of Google Maps – here’s how

If you are a fan of dark mode and use Google Maps, this how-to is for you.

Google maps dark mode
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While the jury is still out on how effective dark mode in apps actually is, it’s undeniable that personal choice is a big thing. That’s why it’s great to see that the iOS version of Google Maps finally has a dark mode option, for those who just don’t like their screen shining brighter than the sun.

The feature was originally announced back in August, with an “in the coming weeks” schedule for rolling out. I guess it’s a good thing Google didn’t specify how many weeks, as it’s nearly December. That said, Josiah said he has been using dark mode on Google Maps for iPhone for at least a month, so maybe it was a gradual rollout.

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Regardless, it’s good news for your retinas, especially as daylight savings has made our nights longer and our daylight hours shorter.

Dark mode is now available in the iOS version of Google Maps

If you want to set up the feature on your iPhone, we’ve got you covered. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Maps on your iOS device

  2. Tap on your Profile picture

  3. Tap on SettingsIos google maps settings menu

  4. Scroll down to Dark Mode and tap on itIos google maps dark mode menu

  5. Choose from On, Off, and Same as device settingIos google maps dark mode toggle

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That’s it, now you have dark mode according to your preferences in the iOS version of Google Maps. Android users of Google Maps got dark mode earlier this year, with almost the same set of steps to enable it.

Instead of finding Dark Mode in the Settings, look for Theme and then choose between the On, Off, or Same as device options.

I might be an outlier here as I have my system theme on dark mode, but I still use Google Maps in light mode. I just can’t get used to the low-contrast dark mode when I’m trying to navigate, even at night.

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