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YouTube will finally make it easier to skip to specific parts of a video in the app

The update lets you preview videos in search and more.

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Image: KnowTechie

Google is constantly changing and updating the YouTube app to further improve users’ experience on the platform. The company has just announced a bunch of new changes coming to the mobile app that will elevate and enhance the search feature.

In a company blog post, Google announced a rework of the YouTube mobile app search function. The first big change is the ability to jump into different parts of a video straight from the search screen. For videos that have chapters enabled, you’ll soon be able to jump straight to a specific chapter, without having to go into the video and scroll to find the right time.

The app is also adding a popular feature that you can already find on the home screen to its search results. Currently, whenever you search for a video you see video titles with a thumbnail screenshot.

With this update, you will instead have the ability to see short clips of the video playing before you actually select the video. This is a really useful feature that makes the homepage a lot easier to navigate, and it will be great to see it enabled for search results.

youtube new search features
Previously, video previews were only available on the YouTube homepage (Screenshot: KnowTechie)

YouTube is also working on improving its accessibility, with new translations that will happen automatically. Search results that show up in a different language will soon be automatically translated to the correct language of your location. Titles, captions, and descriptions will all be automatically translated, making the app an even more accessible place for people to watch videos.

It is still unclear when these features will be available for everyone, but I would expect them to come soon. As is the usual case with updates like this, these updates will likely be rolled out over time, so they may already be available for some users.

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