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Yup, $30 sounds like a good price for the PlayStation Classic

They should have sold it at this price in the first place.

playstation classic how to pre order
Image: Sony

Ok, we know. The PlayStation Classic isn’t anywhere near perfect. Yes, it’s missing a ton of games. Yes, it relatively expensive for a retro console when it was first launched. Yes, you’re still reading this.

If you’re still here and the PlayStation Classic piques some interest, well, eBay is blowing them out at $30 a pop. Yes, shockingly enough (or maybe not so shocking) $30 gets you a brand new PlayStation Classic.

The good news is that it’s extremely easy to hack Sony’s retro console with more games. So if you don’t mind tinkering with it to throw some more games into the collection, $30 is a helluva price for some sweet nostalgia.

eBay’s current pricing for this retro console is easily the best price we have ever seen. So, if you’ve been meaning to scoop one of these up, now is the time. We’re not sure how long this deal will last so be sure to scoop one up sooner than later.

Sony PlayStation Classic – $30

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