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Zendure introduces semi-solid state technology to its SuperBase V power station

Zendure is set to launch the new SuperBase V on Kickstarter on September 29th.

Zendure SuperCharged battery in a room with the words on the ceiling
Image: Zendure

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As the search for more sustainable energy solutions continues, more and more electric power stations are emerging.

Zendure, a fast-growing startup in the energy storage industry, is bringing something quite new to the world of home energy storage.

SuperBase V is Zendure’s newest power station, with semi-solid state battery technology for increased capacity and enhanced safety. 

Semi-solid state batteries offer superior storage to traditional, LiFePO4 batteries. They boast a 42% higher volume energy density, so you can store more energy in a smaller package.

Zendure is set to launch the new SuperBase V on Kickstarter on September 29th.

Modular design for custom energy management

Zendure Superbase V batteries in a gray room
Image: Zendure

Each semi-solid state SuperBase V unit has a capacity of 6.4kWh.

You can connect up to four of the company’s satellite expansion batteries to the main unit, and that setup can be doubled with two systems working in parallel for up to 64kWh of energy storage.

In a long term power-outage, with reduced energy usage, that’s enough to keep some households going for a week or more. That’s the edge you get with the semi-solid state batteries. 

Plenty of output for your home power needs

Zendure Superbase V batteries in kitchen showing different wattages
Image: Zendure

With such a large capacity, the SuperBase V pairs it with enough output to power most electrical devices you could imagine. 

A single SuperBase V has up to 3,800W of power output. And when you pair two SuperBase Vs together, you can get a combined 7,600W. 

That’s enough to power more demanding home appliances such as refrigerators, washers/dryers, and electric heaters. 

And when it comes to output ports, there’s no shortage there either. The SuperBase V features 5 120V AC outlets and a 240V AC outlet. 

Additionally, there’s a car outlet and 2 DC outlets. Finally, you have several USB ports for charging your smaller devices. There’s one 100W USB-C output, three 20W USB-C outputs, and a  5V USB-A output. 

Zendure Superbase v connections
Image: Zendure

You can recharge your system at up to 6.6kW using AC and solar power combined, with the help of a Satellite battery.

This dual charging performance is achieved by having the fastest solar input in the industry at 3,000W.

Solar panel installation outdoors
Image: Zendure

Take care of your power needs with SuperBase V

As you can likely tell by now, SuperBase V isn’t your typical power station. The semi-solid state batteries, modular design, and dual-voltage output make it a versatile solution for your backup power needs.

Want to completely free your hands? Zendure is the first in the industry to include a voice control system with the SuperBase V using Alexa or Google Home.

Simply use voice control to operate SuperBase V capabilities and get real-time voice delivery.

The smart house panel with EV outlets can distribute up to 12,000W of electricity, and its two charging ports can accommodate two cars simultaneously.

charging an ev car in garage
Image: Zendure

The base model is available for backers ready to support the project for a super early bird price of just $2,499, or if they want the more powerful variant, it costs $3,799. Check out their Kickstarter for more details. 

zendure superbase v powerstation on purple background

Zendure SuperBase V

Up to 64kWh | 3800-7600W AC Output | 120/240V Dual Voltage | Max 6.6kWh Recharge in 1 Hour | Semi-Solid State & LFP Batteries | 0ms UPS

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