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Do you need an Amazon account to use Alexa?

If you have an Alexa speaker or similar device, requiring an account makes sense. Here’s what to know.

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Do you have a new Amazon Echo speaker or another device powered by Alexa? If so, you’re going to need an Amazon account to get everything working correctly.

Assuming that everyone in the known universe has an Amazon account is a fair assumption to make, but it may not be accurate. If you’re a late adopter, you don’t need to despair. Creating an account is simple, and you can get your Alexa-enabled gadget up and running in mere minutes.

Are you ready to make it happen? Let’s run through the Amazon account creation steps for desktop and mobile devices.

How to create an Amazon account on a mobile device

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If you’re going to be using an Amazon speaker or similar device, you’ll want to utilize the Alexa mobile app for Android or iOS.

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Once you’ve installed the application, you can create an account and configure your new AI helper. Here’s how to set up an Amazon account using the Alexa mobile app:

  1. Install and launch Amazon Alexa for Android or iOS
  2. Tap Create New Amazon Account
  3. Complete the registration process

Alternatively, you can create an account using the Amazon Shopping app by following similar steps.

How to create an Amazon account on a computer

Creating an account often involves tediously entering a lot of information. For some of us, typing on a computer is easier than fingering a tiny touch screen.

If you’d prefer to create your new Amazon account using your computer’s web browser, you can do so with these simple steps:

Go to Amazon.com and click the Accounts & Lists menuhow to create amazon alexa account
Click Create your Amazon accounthow to create alexa account
Complete the registration processamazon account how to

Once you’ve created your Amazon account, you can use it to configure Alexa, shop online, or upgrade to gain access to the Prime Video streaming service.

Why do you need an Amazon account?

While no one needs an Amazon account, the company has become so ubiquitous that avoiding its services takes serious effort.

If you’ve made it this far without using its online store to buy things you don’t need or to purchase a few e-books, you’re a rare creature indeed. Most of us have been caught in the Amazon trap for longer than we can remember.

If you have an Alexa speaker or similar device, requiring an account makes sense. Amazon’s AI assistant needs rules, restrictions, and to know exactly who owns her. The robot slave revolution is still decades away, so you’ve got nothing to worry about yet.

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