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Zero Breeze is the portable AC unit you need this summer

Seriously, it’s hot as balls out there.

zero breeze portable AC in use
Image: Zero Breeze

The air conditioning gurus at Air Conditioner Lab just launched their second portable A/C unit on Indiegogo, the Zero Breeze 2.0. It’s a portable air-conditioning unit with a custom-designed soda can-sized compressor that can cool your RV, tent, or just you.

The huge battery on the Zero Breeze 2.0 also doubles as a power bank for all your electronics, so you never have to run out of power on your smartphone, even in the great outdoors.

Ever wished you could take your Air Conditioner with you?

The Zero Breeze 2.0 aims to be the ultimate in portable cooling. At 2,300 BTU, it’s on-par with other portable units, with one big exception. The Zero Breeze 2.0 is under half the weight of most of the currently available portable units, at only 14lbs.

  • It can cool air to 30f / 16.7C below the ambient temperature
  • It’s perfect for personal cooling or for a whole tent
  • At 14lbs, it’s easy to carry with one hand
  • The battery pack has enough juice for up to 5 hours of cool breeze

Right now, you can still snag an early bird unit on Indiegogo for a cool 54-percent off. That makes it $499, which is almost a steal.

Just remember, all crowdfunding campaigns are effectively you paying to help bring something to market. Things might go wrong in the process, leading to delays, or worse.

What do you think? Is the Zero Breeze 2.0 something you’re interested in? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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