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1.3 million Clubhouse accounts had their public data scraped and it was available online for free

Clubhouse notes that “anyone” could get this data.

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Fresh on the heels of both a Facebook and LinkedIn data leak, Clubhouse joins in with a 1.3 million user data scrape of its own. The information was available on a public hacking forum for free.

First reported by CyberNews, 1.3 million Clubhouse accounts had user IDs, names, photo URLs, usernames, Twitter handles, Instagram handles, and more scraped and compiled into an SQL database. Thankfully, it seems all of the data that was scraped was publicly available, but still, having large data sets of information can help bad actors tie that information to other, possibly less-public information.

Clubhouse has released a statement acknowledging the scrape but is minimizing its importance, noting that “anyone” could get this data through its API.

I would be hard-pressed to agree that this mass data indexing could be accessed by “anyone,” but it is comforting to see that the information gathered is all public information and not sensitive info like email addresses and passwords.

It will be interesting to see how the EU reacts to this in regards to the GDPR. Having this type of information available “publicly” looks to go against regulations and it is quite possible that Clubhouse will face a large fine for this.

You can use CyberNews‘ tool to see if your data was included in the scrape.

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