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3 best money management apps for college students 

Are you worried about your money? Do you want to plan your budget better? We have prepared 3 best budgeting apps for you that help to control the spending wisely. 

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Students usually have a tight budget, so it is vital to save money and plan the expenses. Such an approach to the budget is beneficial and helps to develop good financial habits and skills that you will be useful in your adult life. If you do not know how to star and what to do, then we offer you 3 best free budgeting apps that help students manage their money.


This is the best personal finance app for сollege students to manage their money. You can download it for free to your phone and always control your budget and expenses. Your account in Mint will be connected with credit cards and bank accounts, so you can always check your spending.

The benefit of the application is that you can specify the budget for the day or month that you want to spend. It also sends notifications if you get closer to this limit. It really helps and saves students, especially when they have fun with friends or go shopping. So if you want to manage your money and feel confident, then you need Mint.


Students have many important matters and are fully engaged in studies, so they do not always control their expenses. However, having checked the balance on the card, they wonder, “Where is my money?” If you are one of them, and sometimes it seems that your money disappears from a wallet or from a credit card, then we recommend you Wally.

It is a simple and helpful application that allows tracking your finances for free. You can connect a personal account with your credit card, as well as take photos of checks and upload them it the application. Perhaps, Wally is the best budget app for students who continue to use cash. So you can always organize and control all your expenses. You can also check your spending for a month or any other day, and it will be divided into categories.

Personal Capital

However, not all students strive only to control and plan their budget, as some of them want to have extra money. Investing is a great way to have good savings and create a solid foundation for your future life. Personal Capital is an excellent free assistant that will help you with this goal.

Thousands of students choose this app to make the right investment and be confident in success. You will also have several trackers, your budget, your income, and investments. Besides, you can purchase a paid version of the app and then you will have an option of wealth management. Personal Capital is a top-rated app among college students, but you need to have good financial skills and knowledge.

Why Do Students Want To Manage Their Money?

  • Organize and control spending. All students like to have fun with friends, hang out in clubs, or go shopping after a difficult test. But the most unpleasant thing is to see credit card debt the next day. An organized budget helps to avoid this unpleasant situation because you always know how much money you can spend.
  • Allow paper help. Studying in college can be very exhausting, so students prefer to get writing assistance to have more time to relax. If they have a well-planned budget, then students can allow paper help. Besides, we can recommend a top writing company Essay Pro. Thousands of students turn to this reliable online service because they are confident in a high-quality paper that meets their expectations at student-friendly prices. So you do not have to save a very long to get professional help. You can look through prices review to see it with your own eyes.
  • Have savings. The best thing about budgeting is extra money. It does not matter how much money you save, but you should do it regularly. So over time, you will be able to accumulate a sufficient amount of savings to buy a good device, to go on a trip, or fulfill your other wish.

As a student, you should learn to manage your budget and control spending. It will make your life easier and save you from worrying about money and extra expenses. Try each application to find which the best one for you. If you liked the article, then share it with your friends, and leave comments below.

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