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8 mobile apps you must have before the end of 2019

The year is almost over. These are some of the apps you should download before it’s over.

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You recently bought a new smartphone. What is the first thing you do after unboxing it? You download applications that you would feel lost without. However, the importance of various apps differs from user to user. Some individuals opt for apps that boost their productivity while others seek the ones that keep them entertained.

Regardless of your level of tech expertise as a smartphone user, there is always that signature application you can’t live without. However, there are some apps that you must have in your device because they make your life easier.


Gmail should be on top of the list of downloads for any new device. This is because it gives you easy access to all my emails. You may want to download this app first if you constantly receive messages from your colleagues or clients.

Also, if you are a college student who seeks essay writer services online, chances are that the providers communicate through email. This is why Gmail will come in handy in your Smartphone.

Also, for new Smartphone devices, you may be prompted to set up your Gmail account so that your information is synced to your Google accounts.

Google Chrome

You also need an app for browsing through the internet using your Smartphone. Google Chrome because it is a fast, user-friendly, and reliable mobile browser. Its interface may be basic but it is an extremely useful app that you should consider having.


This is another useful app for you especially if you receive so many work-related notifications on your phone. It is a solution that allows you to centralize notifications into a searchable place where you and your team can hold discussions and make decisions.

Slack simplifies collaborations through channels. What’s more, this app archives all your conversations and shared files so that it is easy for anyone to search for any information at any time.


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This social media app is also a must-have on your phone. It allows for seamless conversations with your personal and also business contacts; WhatsApp gives you the freedom to create a normal account and a business one.

You use a normal account for personal conversations and communicate with your clients through the business WhatsApp. The commercial app includes an in-built link through which customers can initiate a chat.

Other WhatsApp features that deem it an extremely useful app include:

  • Group video and voice calling.
  • WhatsApp stickers.
  • Group chats.
  • Labeling of forwarded messages.
  • WhatsApp data download.


If you are a person who regularly accesses web content, then you definitely need Pocket in your Smartphone device. This is an app you can use to save web content such as articles and videos for later viewing.

The app organizes your items in one place, making it easy for you to view and share them on any device at any time.

Consider downloading Pocket in your device also if you are a regular traveler. It could be a source of entertainment on your next trip.


uber driver

Uber is extremely useful for people who are regularly on the go. All you need is to open the app, type your destination, and choose a ride.

Furthermore, Uber ensures that you experience comfort and safety when moving from place to place. Also, Uber operates in various countries now. By having it on your Smartphone, you can be sure not to get stranded when visiting a new town.


If you are not yet using Dropbox, you should download it and do so. This app syncs all your data across various devices. This means that you can download any file from your Dropbox folder any time you access your account.

This app also has a Dropbox Guide that has everything you need to get started, in case you are a new user.


Managing and saving money can be a daunting task for many. If this applies to you, why not have an app that could do that for you? Mint is that app that integrates your personal finance and investment accounts into one place.

In so doing, this app allows you to: track your spending, create a budget, receive bill reminders, and save money. Even better, the process of setting up your bank accounts on Mint takes a few minutes.

Notable Mention: If none of the apps suit your needs, another app that’s worth checking out the Bitcoin Up App and the Anchor Bitcoin Revolution app.

While everyone has an app that they will always have in their devices, there are some applications that help you seize the day with your device. Even if you are not able to download all of them, you may choose one or two that you think would add value to your daily operations.

Why Every Business Needs To Create A Mobile App 

There are many different good reasons why every business today must create an intuitive and interactive mobile app. You can get more info about mobile app development from a trusted company. But before we get into that, it’s important to understand why your customers use these apps and what they will do if they don’t have them available. These are as follows:

  • Ease Of Use: The first reason your business should create a mobile app is because of the ease with which customers can use them. Using an app is so much easier than having to rely on a computer and website compared to a smartphone.
  • Convenience: Mobile apps allow users to get information from your business through their smartphones without ever having to leave their homes or open their computers. If they can get all the info they need from your business through your apps, then you’re already ahead of the game.
  • Good For Business Reputation: Every business needs to create a mobile app because they can make a company seem more professional and user-friendly. Mobile apps provide customers the ability to access your company’s information, interact with the different sections or departments of a company, and use other features without having to always be connected to the internet.
  • Boost Sales: A mobile app can also help boost a company’s sales because not only is it a sales and marketing tool for companies, but it’s also a shopping tool for customers.


The mobile apps mentioned above are very useful in business operations. Using them can reduce manual work and stress, increasing productivity and sales. Whether you’re looking for a time management app, marketing app, video app, or customer support app, you can always find one that suits your business’ needs.

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