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A new Google Assistant for Chrome feature lets you easily book movie tickets

This is Google Duplex without the almost-creepy voice interactions.

google duplex for movie tickets
Image: Google

Google has been working on Duplex, first shown off last year at I/O, and while it has gone through some changes, users are starting to see more real-world use cases for the feature.

In conjunction with Google Assistant and Google search, users have been able to use Duplex to book reservations. Now, users can use it to book movie tickets through many of your favorite ticket services and movie theaters.

Google Duplex will now help you book movie tickets

Referred to as “Google Assistant for Chrome” the feature can be accessed either through Google Assistant or the Google app (Android). Users have been able to purchase tickets through Assistant for close to a year now, but this expands the functionality and uses the Duplex technology to make it a completely hands-free experience on various theater websites.

The new feature will let you ask Assistant to find and purchase movie tickets or you can use the Google app on Android to find times and seats and Duplex will take care of the rest – filling out the often-confusing theater websites on its own. You’ll just answer a couple questions along the way and finalize it on the payment screen.

9to5Google reports that “According to Google, Duplex for movie tickets supports more than 70 cinemas and ticketing services: AMC, Fandango, MJR Theaters, and Movietickets.com in the US, or Odeon in the UK.”

Not too shabby.

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