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A new Nintendo Switch with better battery life is coming in August

Some solid improvements here.

Rumors have run rampant regarding the Nintendo Switch and potential updates to the console. Last week, we learned of the new Nintendo Switch Lite, and now we’re getting more information on an upgraded version of the original Switch.

This new version will include an improved battery that will increase battery life to nine hours (with exceptions), compared to the previous high of 6.5 hours. The new version is expected to launch mid-August.

More about the upgraded Nintendo Switch

Image: Nintendo

As you can see from the screenshot above (found here), the new model, HAC-001(-01) improves the battery life quite a bit.

It should be noted that the reason the battery life features such a large range, is due to the games you are playing. More graphically intensive games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will take more processing power, with Nintendo saying you’ll get 5.5 hours out of a full charge when playing the game.

When compared to the new Switch Lite, the upgraded Switch trounces it in battery life, as the Lite features a range from 3-7 hours, with BotW lasting approximately 4 hours on the more portable version of the console.

Overall, I’m a bit surprised to see battery life as the only upgrade to this new model. There were many rumors floating around that discussed upgrades to the processors and other new features. It just goes to show that when dealing with rumors, take everything with a grain of salt.

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