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A new xCloud update turns the Surface Duo into a handheld Xbox

You can finally have a game on one screen and touch controls on the other.

microsoft surface duo touch controls for xcloud
Image: Brad Sams / YouTube

The most recent update to Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform, xCloud, is adding some new functionality to the app on the Surface Duo. The update will finally allow users to bring touch controls for supported games to the Surface Duo’s second screen.

Microsoft has been steadily adding touch controls for games on xCloud to further enhance the mobile experience on the cloud gaming platform. Many of Xbox’s popular titles, like Gears 5 and Minecraft Dungeons have been updated with touch controls on mobile platforms, and these titles can now be experienced in a whole new way on the Surface Duo.

Prior to this update, mobile touch controls could be a bit finicky. Part of that is just due to the nature of screens and touch controls. Often these controls required users to place their hands over parts of the screen where gameplay was happening.

With the new update to the way games are controlled with the Surface Duo, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Your controls are on a completely different screen, so your hands never get in the way of what’s going on in a game.

This is an exciting update that is beginning to open up the full potential for the Surface Duo and other devices like it in the gaming world. This new ability turns your Surface Duo into a machine that seems more like a Nintendo DS than a foldable phone or tablet.

As xCloud continues to evolve and gain popularity, I’m sure we will see more games outfitted with touch controls, and with the help of foldable devices like the Surface Duo, we could see a whole new way to enjoy what Xbox has to offer.

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