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A whole bunch of music festivals have pledged to keep facial recognition away from their venues


Facial recognition at a music festival
Image: Fight For The Future

Facial recognition is scary. Ask Jared, he spends many hours a week in fear of it. While some could argue about safety and this and that, most of us do not trust the powers that be to use the technology for anything but their own agendas.

Facial recognition has popped up at music events before, but now, 40 major music festivals have pledged to not use the technology at their events and venues. One of the major proponents of the movement, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, noted in a tweet recently that “I don’t want Big Brother at my shows targeting fans for harassment, deportation, or arrest.” Preach.

Some of the major festivals in the pledge include Coachella, SXSW, and Bonnaroo. The pledge was in response to Ticketmaster’s master parent company, Live Nation, which stated it would start using facial recognition at live events.

The pledge was met with fervent support, and now the organization behind the campaign, Fight For The Future, is declaring victory.

It’s good to see Fight For The Future and music festivals getting an early start on this stance. With music festivals increasingly coming places for tech bros to get together to find new avenues for business (including said music festivals), taking away a budding technology like facial recognition from the equation is a great step.

It seems like the movement is working, as Ticketmaster has already backpedaled a bit on its stance regarding the technology. If you truly want to avoid facial recognition, however, become a Juggalo.

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