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Looking to outsmart facial recognition software? Become a Juggalo

It’s a lifestyle.

facial recognition juggalos
Image: Track Record

The most pro-techies (see what I did there?) among us can admit that facial software technology is pretty goddamn creepy at the very least.

Creepier still is the fact that it’s already being implemented in shops and airports across the US despite being banned in San Francisco and currently at the center of a $1 billion lawsuit.

Even Ticketmaster and LiveNation are investing in the tech to speed up event entry. It’s like I’ve always said, “If you can’t enjoy a Hoobastank concert without fear of governmental surveillance, all is lost.”

But as Twitter user/computer science blogger @tahkion pointed out, there is a way to avoid being identified by this software…

Yes, it turns out that donning Juggalo facepaint can render the average concert-goer impervious to the grasp of many facial recognition technologies. Which is like I’ve always said, “For those looking to maintain privacy in the digital era, consider the way of the Juggalo.”

Unfortunately, Juggalo and/or black metal face paint won’t work for *every* facial recognition technology, according to Outline:

However, facial recognition tech such as Apple’s Face ID, which does not rely on visible light and uses depth perception, would not be tricked by juggalo makeup (otherwise it would never work in the dark).

Ya know, it’s like I’ve always said, “Apple needs to be brought down from the inside, as it’s a direct threat to the Juggalo way of life.”

What do you think? What else threatens the Juggalo way of life? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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