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After almost 7 years, a new Bioshock title has finally been announced

It’s still at least a few years away, however.

new bioshock game announced
Image: 2K

Bioshock was a literal gamechanger for me – the story presented in the original was both engaging and moving. The two games to follow in the series continued that tradition and now, after almost 7 years since Bioshock Infinite’s release (the third game in the series), we now have official confirmation that a new Bioshock title is being worked on.

Announced today by 2K, a new Bioshock is in the works and according to Jason Schreier of Kotaku, the new title has actually been in the works for years. Now, before you get excited and think this means we’ll see a new game soon, the announcement makes it clear that there are still years of work ahead.

The new Bioshock is being worked on by Cloud Chamber, a new company that 2K has formed. The new studio will be lead by Kelley Gilmore, previously of Firaxis Games. Others included in the studio include Hoagy de la Plante, Scott Sinclair, and Jonathan Pelling who have all had parts to play in previous Bioshock releases, according to Kotaku.

We’ll have to wait for other relevant information regarding the title, but personally, I can’t wait to see what comes next in the Bioshock series.

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