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Xbox Project Scarlett splits into two different consoles for 2020

Discs are so 2010.

Xbox one controller in hand
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We already know we are getting a new Microsoft Xbox next year, with its Project Scarlett console planned for a holiday 2020 release (alongside Sony’s new Playstation offering, so that should be fun). What we didn’t know is that Project Scarlett will result in two different Xbox consoles, Anaconda and Lockhart.

Kotaku is reporting that like the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, there will be two versions of Project Scarlett. One will be the more powerful 4K 60fps machine with disc capability, code-named Anaconda. The other will be disc-less and 1440p 60fps, code-named Lockhart. Both consoles will have SSD drives and both will beat the performance of current consoles.

This makes sense as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service has been performing fairly well and offering a cheaper, digital-only Xbox console helps keep that subscription machine running. While some people still use discs (I am in the process of selling all of my discs since I just got a Xbox One S to replace my original, aging Xbox One) I imagine this will be the last console with a disc slot.

If you prefer discs, for at least another five or so years, your Anaconda do want some

If you are done with discs and have come to the realization that your eyes can’t comprehend 4K HD anyway, then you’ve got a Lockhart. I would think the pricing would remain similar to current pricing between the Xbox One X ($500) and the Xbox One S All-digital ($200). We won’t know until we know.

Since I just bought a console, and I never buy day-one consoles ever since the red ring of death debacle on the original Xbox console, I won’t be thinking about purchasing the Anaconda (man, I hope that isn’t the final console name) or the Lockhart. When it comes time to replace my current Xbox, there will be little reason for me to get one with a disc drive, even if it is 4K.

Your needs might be different, or you might be a Sony Playstation user and are waiting for more details on the Playstation 5. Or you are a PC gamer and don’t give a shit about the console wars and only own a Nintendo Switch so you have something to do on the toilet. Regardless, next Christmas is going to be fucking lit when it comes to console gaming.

What do you think? Interested in these new consoles from Microsoft? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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