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Sony’s next-gen PlayStation has ridiculously fast load times

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We’ve been getting tidbits of information on Sony’s next-generation PlayStation console for months now, but at a corporate strategy meeting in Japan, the company showed off just how fast the next console will be.

From Sony’s news release regarding the meeting, the company notes that “The two keywords for the future direction of PlayStation are ‘immersive’ and ‘seamless’,” and if the example is accurate of how it will be for players, then I’d say that is pretty accurate.

Just how much faster will it be than today’s PlayStation 4 Pro? Almost 10 times faster when loading graphically intensive screens. The video also shows how players will be able to quickly traverse through complex level design without any hiccups or loading screens.

What’s under the hood in the new PlayStation?

There’s still no release date or window for the next-gen Sony console, but the company has given us a glimpse on what to expect from the internals of the console.

One of the driving factors behind the increased performance is the inclusion of an SSD in place of a traditional hard drive. Because SSDs have no moving parts, boot times and other loading times are dramatically reduced.

The new PlayStation console will also feature a third-generation Ryzen CPU and a custom GPU that is based around Radeon’s Navi family to help bolster everything, but it should be noted that the console is being built on existing PS4 architecture.

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