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Sony’s PlayStation 5, or whatever it’s called, is at least a year away still

Sony, please, just tell us the name.

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Recently, Sony gave people a glimpse of what would be possible with its next console, which could be called the PlayStation 5, but Sony will not confirm. That discussion included things about solid-state hard drives and a ray tracing capable GPU. It all sounds very promising, but no information was surrendered regarding an actual release date for the console.

Now, according to a tweet from a Wall Street Journal reporter, the console is still at least 12 months away. The tweet states, “No next-gen PlayStation launch over the next 12 months.”

This makes sense, as many new consoles see an initial release around the holiday season

Even if the console is still 18 months out, that would allow it to be released in time for holiday shoppers who are more willing to come up off the big money.

While normally we could expect to learn more about Sony’s roadmap at E3, Sony will be skipping E3 in 2019, but hopefully, we’ll learn some more about the next-gen console in the coming months. Hell, just give us an official name so we can stop doing this song and dance of not knowing what to call it.

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