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Fortnite and the Avengers team up again for a new Endgame mode

The only Avengers game I’ll be playing is trying to avoid spoilers.

fortnite avengers new gamemode
Image: Epic Games

Epic Games and Fortnite are back at it again with another Avengers-themed limited event. The first time something like this happened, it only involved main-baddie Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet, but now, a new limited mode pits classic Avenger weapons against a player-controlled army of Chitauri (and Thanos).

The new mode, appropriately called Endgame, will separate players into good guys and bad guys. As the good guys, your job is to eliminate all of the Chitauri and Thanos by using iconic Avenger weapons like Captain America’s shield, Thor’s Stormbreaker axe, and the repulsors used by Iron Man.

If you find yourself on the side of evil, you’ll be equipped with a powerful laser gun, building-destroying grenades, and a jetpack for high jumps.

As a Chitauri, your goal is to find the Infinity Stones around the map

The first person to find one becomes Thanos. Thanos’ abilities include a “powerful punch, a destructive beam attack, and the ability to jump high into the air and then smash anything in his way when he comes back down.” Your team will then work on collecting all of the Infinity Stones, with each one giving buffs to your team. Once Thanos and company collect all the Infinity Stones, the good guys will be unable to respawn.

The match ends when one side is eliminated. If Thanos is destroyed before all of the Chitauri have been eliminated, a random person will take on the role of Thanos after a short cooldown.

That’s not all that’s included in Fortnite update v8.50

In addition to the new mode, Epic also announced new tournaments, bug fixes, and other small tweaks to gameplay. You can find a full list of those changes here.

Honestly, I haven’t played or thought much about Fortnite in months now, but this might be enough to at least make me stop back by for some of that Avengers action.

What do you think? Plan on trying the new mode? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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