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After months of silence, Google has finally updated its iOS YouTube app

This comes after Apple introduced new privacy labels for apps.

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YouTube’s iOS app has finally been updated and suddenly this is big news in the tech world. Usually, a simple update does not get this sort of pomp and circumstance, but it’s actually been months since Google updated any of its iOS apps.

Google hasn’t updated YouTube and other major Google apps for iOS, such as Gmail, Docs, and Photos since December. That’s almost two months without any update so ever. In this period, a few bugs surfaced and required patching. In the meantime, they regularly updated the Android versions of the mentioned apps. 

The reason behind this massive delay was Google’s hesitance to update its iOS apps and include Apple’s new privacy labels. Until recently, it was unclear what the company would do about the privacy labels. Apple has made it clear that it will enforce the new labels and that they apply to all apps in their App Store. This new rule has been in force since December 14 and covers all new and existing iOS apps. 

Before YouTube’s latest update, Google updated some of its less popular apps such as Classroom, Translate, Authenticator, and Stadia. Those apps now comply with Apple’s new privacy rules. 

In the meantime, Google hasn’t revealed when it plans to update its other iOS apps, but certainly, those updates are coming soon.

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