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A first-party Stadia game is broken, but Google dropped the developer that can fix it

A comedy of errors has led to some interesting issues.

Journey to the savage planet on microsoft xbox one
Image: Typhoon Studios

Stadia, Google’s game streaming platform, has been in the news a couple of times recently. The game platform has a class-action lawsuit that moved to federal courts earlier this month regarding the company’s claims of 4K gaming.

Additionally, Google announced the closing of its two game studios under the Stadia brand. The company said it closed the studios in an effort to “focus on the platform.” Now, those closings seem to be affecting Journey to the Savage Planet, which released at the beginning of the month on Stadia.

Essentially, the game is kind of broken and there’s no one really available to fix it. Not great.

This kind of news isn’t necessarily the best look for Google, as the company works to get the Stadia platform established in the gaming world.

What’s stopping this Stadia title from getting fixed?

The comedy action-adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet released on consoles at the beginning of 2020. Google acquired the studio behind the title, Typhoon Studios, months before the console release. Then, earlier this month, it was released on Stadia.

In this game, you play as an astronaut of sorts. As a new member of Kindred Aerospace, the “4th best interstellar space exploration company,” you are tasked with determining if this planet is suitable for human life. Overall the game looks wacky and silly, all while being a seemingly immersive adventure.

However, there is one slightly major issue. First discovered by Reddit user lordubuntu, the Stadia version seems to have a major issue before you even get past the main menu. In the Reddit post mentioned above, other users chimed in, noting an issue where the game will freeze up randomly and not allow them to continue.

This can be extremely frustrating, as it seems the issue can happen at any given time. This means even after you have put several hours into the game, you could be locked out the next time you launch it.

Bugs in games, especially these days, are not at all uncommon. It’s perfectly normal for a game to come out with bugs and issues. Generally, game studios will have their fingers on the pulse and release patches to fix issues. However, that might be a problem for Journey to the Savage Planet.

You see, as mentioned above, Google recently closed its two in-house game development studios to focus on the Stadia platform itself. One of those studios was Typhoon Studios. This series of unfortunate events has led to where we are today. Journey to the Savage Planet has a serious, game-breaking bug, and there is no one left to fix it. And just for a little additional irony, the game streaming basis of the Stadia platform means there are no local files for users to try and apply their own fix. Technology…isn’t it great?

What does this mean for the game? A Stadia community manager did reply on Reddit, saying that they are “actively working with our partners to identify a fix.”

Well, that’s pretty vague and gives no real hope at all. In all seriousness, I hope this gets figured out. I, like many others, am very excited to see what game streaming can do, and I hope for the best for the Stadia platform.

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