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Epic Games is giving some Fortnite players V-bucks as part of a class-action lawsuit

Some Rocket League players will receive in-game currency as well.

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Epic Games, like many others in the gaming industry, has given up on purchasable random loot crates in games. Fortnite players used to be able to buy random loot llamas in the Save the World version of the game.

While a lot of people may have enjoyed these types of gambles, random loot crates have become a topic frowned upon by many in the gaming community. Many people feel it is unfair to have these gambling options in games where you don’t know if what you are getting is worth it or not, especially when many children play these games.

Epic Games has decided to give back to those players who previously purchased these random loot crates. Users who previously purchased random loot crates or keys in Epic’s newly acquired title Rocket League will also be receiving credits as compensation for their purchase.

These efforts come as part of a proposed class-action lawsuit settlement, which is supposed to be approved sometime later this week.

Epic Games will soon be giving these rewards out to users directly

Rocket League never actually had random loot crates available for sale while they were a part of Epic Games’ platform. But the studio is including them in the effort to make amends. Users should begin receiving their in-game credits or V-bucks within the next few days.

You don’t have to do anything to get the 1000 credits or V-bucks. Anyone who previously purchased one of the random loot crate options should see the credits from Epic Games in-game sometime in the next few days. It should also be noted that the 1000 credits or V-bucks are the maximum amounts awarded. Even if you purchased several of the random loot crates, you will only receive the reward once.

That’s a nice little surprise. Now you can take that extra 1000 V-bucks and get the latest skin from the item shop to help dominate your opponents. Or use the 1000 credits in Rocket League to build the ugliest possible cars in the game to embarrass your teammates. I’m talking to you, Josiah.

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