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Air purifiers are the perfect solution to spring allergy concerns

If you have spring allergy concerns, then purchasing an air purifier may be a good move for you. Here’s what you need to know about allergies and air purifiers.

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There is nothing like the warm, rejuvenating air that springtime brings. Unfortunately, spring can be less fun for the 50 million people who suffer from allergies.

The air you breathe is full of impurities that can be detrimental to your health. These allergens are tricky to combat because they are invisible to the eye.

If you suffer from a spring allergy, an air purifier can be the answer to your problems. Keep reading to learn about how this miracle spring allergy remedy is a great investment to make!

What Is An Allergy? 

An allergy occurs when your immune system reacts negatively to foreign material. These foreign materials, called allergens, are all around us.

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If a person is allergic to allergens, they can experience a host of ailments ranging from mild to severe. Although allergies aren’t curable, you can mitigate many with preventative measures.

The Most Common Spring Allergy Types

You can find the cause of allergies in anything from the food you eat and surfaces you touch to the air you breathe. Spring allergies are typically caused by particles that you breathe in. During these warm months, a few allergens are more common than others. 

Seasonal Changes

One of the most common seasonal allergies is pollen. Pollen is a fine, powder-like substance that a plant releases into the air.

A plant pollinates when the weather gets warmer. This makes spring a prime time for your allergies to flare up.

Because of its size, pollen can easily circulate in the air. This common allergen can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat and cause health issues. 


This sneaky allergen finds its way both inside and outside of the home. Mold grows in damp places like basements, window sills, bathrooms, and refrigerators.

Like pollen, mold can release tiny spores in the air that you can breathe in. If you are allergic to mold, breathing in air with mold spores can cause health problems

Pet Dander 

Do you own a pet? If you do, they can be the culprit of allergy reactions. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not animal fur that causes allergy problems but dander.

Pet dander is the microscopic skin cells of an animal. Because they are so small, they can float in the air and get into your lungs when you breathe.

When spring hits, your animals begin to shed their thick winter coats. The extra shedding can cause more dander to release into the air, causing you discomfort.

How An Air Purifier Can Help Your Allergies

Dreo air purifier in an open room
Image: Dreo

One of the most common springtime allergy solutions is to equip your home with an air purifier.

In the simplest of terms, an air purifier takes the air in a room and removes its impurities. Invisible pollutants, toxins, and allergens get filtered out leaving sanitized air.

Walking into a room, you will never know how contaminated the air is. This is because the pollutants in the air you breathe are so tiny.

A macron is the unit of measurement used to measure pollutants. One micron is so small that it equals 1/25,400th of an inch.

Anything under ten microns is invisible to the naked eye. This leaves a lot of room for very small pollutants to circulate in the air around you unnoticed. 

When you use an air purifier, the air from a room passes through a fine filter. A High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter traps dust, dander, mold, and other tiny particles from the air leaving behind clean, pure air.

Benefits Of An Air Purifier

Dreo air purifier showing the benefits of preventing spring time allergens
Image: Dreo

Air purifiers help millions of Americans who suffer from allergies. When you use an air purifier in your home, you can help to reduce the allergens in the air you breathe. This helps to improve your health as a whole.

Using an air filter means your air gets better over time. The more passes air makes through the air filter, the cleaner it becomes. 

Dreo Macro Air Purifier 

If you are looking for the gold standard of air purifiers, look no further than the Dreo Macro Air Purifier. Your spring allergies will be a thing of the past with the speed and technology you will find in this air purifier.

TurboPure Technology 

When it comes to keeping you healthy, you can’t beat the Dreo Macro Air Purifier. This air purifier uses a Deep True HEPA filter to ensure you breathe the cleanest air possible.

This purifier can trap particles as small as .3 microns. Viruses and bacteria like Covid-19, E. Coli, and Salmonella are no match for this air purifier. 

Dreo air purifier 2
Image: Dreo

Quick Purifying Speed

A Dreo Macro Purifier uses stronger air pressure to ensure all the air in your room gets filtered. This purifier is so fast it can filter the air in a 300 square foot living room in about thirteen minutes!

Energy Efficient 

Running your Dreo Macro Air Purifier isn’t going to break the bank. Your ENERGY-STAR-certified Dreo purifier costs 30 cents to run for the entire week. This means it will cost you more to keep a lightbulb on than it will to have clean, sanitized air.

Get Rid Of Seasonal Allergies Once And For All!

Are you ready to say goodbye to spring allergies? When the weather gets warmer, you want to enjoy it instead of getting sidelined by your allergies.

If a spring allergy plagues you, it is time to take action with a top-of-the-line air purifier. The superior quality and sleek design of a Dreo Macro Air Purifier will give you clean air for years to come.

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