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Alienware’s new lineup includes a massive 18-inch gaming laptop

That’s one of the biggest laptops you’ll see on the market.

alienware m18 and x16 laptops
Image: Alienware

Alienware and Dell revealed several new laptops for CES 2023, including the giant Alienware m18 with an 18-inch screen.

Dell’s gaming brand continues to evolve beyond its sci-fi roots with new designs and powerful machines with impressive performance. And this year is no different, with the new m18, m16, x16, and x14.

The most interesting offering in the company’s new lineup is certainly the m18. An 18-inch screen is huge for a laptop. Even one focused on high-performance gaming.

For the screen, you can choose either 165Hz QHD or the even more impressive 480Hz FHD. It maintains the same thickness as last year’s m17, with an optional Cherry MX keyboard.

alienware m18 laptop
Alienware m18 (Image: Alienware)

In true Alienware fashion, the m18 is a massive, bulky gaming laptop designed with a specific type of gamer in mind.

For those who don’t mind giving up a bit of portability, the m18 will likely offer a unique gaming experience that you can’t find on many laptops.

There’s also the new m16 if you want a more modest option. It has the same specs and options with a smaller screen size for extra portability.

The company also revealed the x16 for fans of more traditional notebooks. The x16 contrasts Alienware’s standard offerings as one of the company’s thinnest laptops.

alienware x16 gaming laptop
Alienware x16 (Image: Alienware)

The x16 packs an incredible punch in a much thinner, more mobile form factor. It’s the company’s

Alienware’s new laptops come with 13th-generation Intel processors and GPU options up to the latest GeForce RTX 4090.

All of the new laptops are coming soon (this winter). The company is launching high-end configurations first, with additional options coming later.

They won’t be cheap. The first m18 config is $2,899, with cheaper options starting at $2,099. The x16 is the company’s ‘premium’ option, with high-end configs starting at $3,099 and cheaper options at $2,149 coming later.

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