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Amazing ways to purchase Bitcoin with cash in 2021

Purchasing Bitcoins is not a very difficult task. Most of the platforms go out of the way to provide you with multiple payment options to make this process even smoother.

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Bitcoins have been on the news following their recent spike in value which has been ongoing for the last two months. Over the last few years, Bitcoin has come a lot further than where it was and today it is on its way to being recognized globally and more people than ever are waiting to get into Bitcoin trading. The only problem is that not everyone can easily get their hands on Bitcoin.

Bitcoins are yet to be globally accepted and this makes it very difficult for people to trade and purchase Bitcoins if they are in a country that has banned them. Thankfully, there is always a solution to purchasing and trading Bitcoins.

What are the Advantages of Purchasing Bitcoin through Cash?

Purchasing Bitcoins via cash is one of the cleanest ways to get your hands on some Bitcoin without having to submit all the details of your transaction on paper. This later helps with tax problems and any pressure that your respective country may put on you considering how tolerant they are to Bitcoin.

Ideally, if you are in a country that supports Bitcoin trading and purchasing, it could still take you a couple of weeks to purchase your Bitcoins. In the Bitcoin world, this is a big-time gap because the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and forever subject to immediate and drastic changes.

You also have to additionally submit a lot of paperwork in order to purchase Bitcoins and verification of your documents can take a few weeks before your purchase gets a green light. This is why people all over the world prefer to purchase Bitcoins through cash. Buying your cryptocurrency through cash eliminates the need for any paperwork and virtually, you remain hidden from your purchasing activity which has some significant advantages. 

How to Find Bitcoin Sellers?

There are various ways to find out Bitcoin sellers in today’s market. For years now, there have been specific websites like ‘Paxful’ and ‘LocalBitcoins’ which connect buyers to sellers without any problems. For more information visit Bitcoin digital.

In order to use a website like LocalBitcoins, you need to:

  1. Sign up on the website and create an account with the required information.
  2. Search through their parameters and find someone near you who is willing to sell their Bitcoin for cash.
  3. Get in touch with the seller and receive their account number in order to move forward with the transaction.
  4. Once you have arrived upon an amount, deposit it into the seller’s account.
  5. Your seller will request you to additionally provide them with a proof of transaction. You may be asked to upload a screenshot or share your receipt or simply share the transaction ID associated with the transaction.
  6. Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive your Bitcoin/s from the seller.

Using platforms like LocalBitcoins makes a lot of sense for new age Bitcoin enthusiasts because they can easily find someone near them who is trading in Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin purchase transactions are heavy in the amounts more often than not, you can even meet your seller and verify any queries that you may have. You also have the option to choose your seller based on how trustworthy their profile looks. This encourages you to take your standard precautionary measures to carry out a safe transaction. 

There are various websites and platforms that you can find today in order to purchase bitcoins. These are a few platforms on which you can purchase Bitcoins anytime: 

  •     LocalBitcoins
  •     BitQuick
  •     LibertyX
  •     Paxly

Other ways of purchasing Bitcoins through cash 

The concept of Bitcoin ATMs is not relatively new but there hasn’t been a lot of Bitcoin ATMs set up outside of the United States and some pro-Bitcoin countries. Chances are that if your country has a positive outlook towards Bitcoin, you will easily be able to find a Bitcoin ATM near you but this becomes very difficult if your country is anti-Bitcoin. 

All you have to do is find a Bitcoin ATM map and see if there are any Bitcoin ATMs near you. Purchasing Bitcoin through these ATMs is very much a clean and safe way but you will be charged a 5-10% service fee. This can translate into quite a big sum even on days when the Bitcoin isn’t peaking in value. Each Bitcoin ATM is different and you may be asked to provide additional verification details depending on which ATM you use. 

Overall, purchasing Bitcoins is not a very difficult task. Most of the platforms go out of the way to provide you with multiple payment options to make this process even smoother. Remember to be safe and do not fall for any scams as there are quite a few in the world of Bitcoin today.

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