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Amazon drivers apparently have access to thousands of apartment buildings all over the US

Amazon is pushing businesses to install these and is even partnering with locksmiths.

Image: Amazon

Amazon Key is a service offered by Amazon that lets people give Amazon drivers access to their garages and homes as a way to safely deliver packages. It’s kind of weird, sure, but people are knowingly giving drivers access. Now, as the Associated Press is reporting, it’s not just homes.

Called Key for Business, it is similar to the personal version, but allows business owners, including apartment complex owners, the ability to use the same camera and key system to allow drivers entry into the whole building. No tenet approval required.

So, how is Amazon convincing these owners to give up some of their tenets’ security? Through gift cards and offers of free installation. Of course, this does bring up concerns about not only drivers entering the buildings but also because this is yet another internet-connected device that could potentially be used maliciously.

According to the AP, Amazon is pushing hard towards getting these installed and is even partnering with locksmiths to try and get Amazon Key for Business into more locations.

Overall, it’s an interesting issue. On one hand, it does offer great convenience for those that live in apartments, as drivers can get to the front desk without being let in. But on the other, you would think building owners should be transparent about installing these systems, as well as receive feedback from current tenets.

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