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The FCC just gave Amazon the green light to monitor your sleep with radar

The radar sensors would allow for contactless sleep monitoring.

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Just last month, Amazon filed for permission from the FCC to develop a sleep monitoring device that uses radar technology. Last week, the FCC approved the company’s request, giving it the green light to develop this technology.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the FCC has made a positive response to Amazon’s recent request to develop this new technology. In its filing, the company claims its radar will be capable of “capturing motion in a three-dimensional space to enable contactless sleep tracing functionalities.”

Amazon’s plans to utilize radar sensors for sleep tracking will allow the company to monitor things like breathing and movement patterns without having to be in direct contact with a subject. Instead, this new technology would allow for accurate motion capture from a stationary position somewhere in a room.

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The FCC approved Amazon’s request earlier this month, confirming the company’s efforts to develop “Radar Sensors to enable touchless control of device features and functions.” The approval contains all sorts of stipulations, limiting the capabilities of Amazon’s new technology to its intended purpose of sleep tracking.

A few months ago, Amazon revealed that it was working on a new sleep tracking device, codenamed “Brahms.” As of now, there’s no way to know if these filings are related to that device, but that would certainly make sense. Moreover, the rumors about Brahms seem to line up with the technology the company request permission to develop.

Amazon has not come out and confirmed anything regarding this new device yet. That being said, all signs seem to point to the company currently being in direct development of an all-new health and wellness device. We’ve reached out for comment, so if we hear anything, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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