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Android phones are learning to do things without a ‘Hey Google’ prompt

Google Assistant might be more natural to talk to in an upcoming update

google assistant ok google on smartphone
Image: KnowTechie

Love the accuracy of results from speaking to Google’s Assistant, but hate having to say “Hey Google” every three seconds like you’re trying to get the attention of a hyperactive toddler? Well, you might be able to skip that part if a new feature that Android Police uncovered comes to Google’s virtual assistant.

It’s called “Guacamole,” and it’s a new menu section in the Google Assistant settings. When it goes live, it’s supposed to allow users to skip saying “Hey Google” for simple, short tasks. You’ll have to accept yet another list of terms and conditions once the setting goes live, presumably because it gives Google yet another layer of being able to keep your microphone on and recording.

Image: Android Police

We can’t actually use the feature yet, but 9to5Google has a list of tasks that won’t need the wake words, like alarms, timers, and calls. That includes simple commands like “answer the call” or “decline the call,” or saying “stop” or “snooze” to interact with an existing timer.

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Currently, Google is just testing the Guacamole feature on employee’s phones, with no publicly available timeline for when it might be coming to our phones, or even if it will. Let’s file this one under “features we’d like to see,” and hope that Google decides to go through with it. I for one, welcome not having to use the Google Assistant wake phrase all of the time.

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