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Anker is gearing up to launch its best power station yet

And the company’s offering a sweet early bird deal if you sign up for updates.

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Anker recently announced several new products, including a beefy power station that uses the company’s GaNPrime fast charging technology.

The Anker 767 PowerHouse came up as a teaser at a recent Anker event, but the company did share a few details about the new device.

First, the 767 PowerHouse is a 2400W power station with 2048Wh of capacity.

And the added wheels and luggage handle make it an ideal option for camping trips or RVs where you need to power or charge several devices simultaneously.

But the real upgrade is Anker’s proprietary GaNPrime power delivery system. GaNPrime refers to the battery type inside the 767 PowerHouse and the technology that delivers power efficiently.

anker 767 with solar panels
Image: KnowTechie

GaNPrime is capable of charging as many devices as you need. Plus, it charges several devices at once with a minimal impact to speed.

That makes the 767 PowerHouse a great option for family trips or when you need to power tons of devices simultaneously.

And the ActiveShield 2.0 temperature monitoring ensures safe charging with no overheating.

Anker didn’t share exactly when the new PowerHouse 767 is coming out. However, the company is running a promotion on its website for those interested.

If you offer the company your email address, you can get an early bird discount of $400 when the 767 PowerHouse comes out.

Plus, the company is offering a free power bank valued at $49.99 to those who buy the 767 PowerHouse.

You can sign up for this promotion and hear more about the power station on the company’s website. Click the button below for more information.

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