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Anker’s new Sport X10 earbuds are built to stay in your ears

Anker’s new Soundcore Sport X10 fitness earbuds are created with a rotating ear hook design to keep them safe and snug in your ears.

Anker's Soundcore Sport X10 earbuds on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Looking for new earbuds that won’t slip right out when you’re at the gym? Anker’s new Soundcore Sport X10 buds may be just what the doctor ordered. The budget-priced $79 buds are an attractive and affordable option for serious gym-goers.

Tired of your AirPods slipping out when you hit the treadmill? Want to hear the rest of your podcast when you lift? Anker may have found the solution, thanks to a design that features a rotatable ear hook.

According to Anker, the hook lets you adjust your “wearing angle” to ensure your buds “nest comfortably” in your ear. They’re also light at just 4.4 grams, so that helps keep them in place.

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That’s all in addition to satisfying, deep bass, IPX7 sweat and water resistance, and its lengthy 8-hour battery life. Battery running low? Slip your buds into their charging case for 32 additional hours of listening time.

With six onboard microphones, you’ll probably also want to use them during phone calls, too. Hands-free is always nice.

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But keep in mind these buds are cheaper than the competition. So you won’t get in-ear detection, wireless charging, or the most pristine sound possible.

You do, however, get earbuds that should stay in place even when you’re trying to build a dump truck from all those squats.

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man wearing anker soundcore sport x10 earbuds in gym during workout
Image: Anker

When it’s time to clean them, you can rinse them off, says Anker, “under a faucet or water fountain after a workout”. And you’d better because they will start to stink. You don’t want that.

I’ve personally never had an issue with Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ falling out of my ears during some pretty rigorous exercise, and all I do is twist them into my ear holes. I’m curious how the X10s work out.

You can pick up a pair of your own now in black or white for $79.99 via Soundcore’s website. A red edition is on its way at some point in the future.

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