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New Soundcore earbuds are built with the Quest 2 in mind

They’re the first ‘Made for Meta’ true wireless earbuds.

Soundcore vr p10
Image: KnowTechie

Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headsets owners now have a low-latency wireless earbud option thanks to Anker’s $99 Soundcore VR P10.

The VR P10 are the first pair of earbuds from the Made for Meta program, so they’re certified to work with Meta’s VR headsets. They come with a USB-C dongle that provides low-latency audio streaming over 2.4GHz wireless.

While many VR headsets have Bluetooth connectivity for earbuds, the latency reduces your immersion in the virtual worlds. That could mean the difference between success and failure in some types of games.

By using low-latency 2.4GHz, that lag is gone. There’s also support for LC3 Bluetooth, which reduces Bluetooth latency by reducing audio quality slightly.

Anker made a dongle we actually like

The dongle has a couple of other tricks. A USB-C passthrough port means you can use it while charging your Quest 2 or while using it tethered to your PC.

There’s even a place to store the dongle inside the charging case for the earbuds.

Soundcore vr p10 on meta quest 2
Image: Soundcore

Genius, right? No more having to worry about losing your dongle. Anker’s Soundcore VR P10 stows it inside the case above the earbuds.

You can even connect up to four dongles to one VR P10 headset. You can change which dongle you’re connected to via the Soundcore app on Android or iOS.

The earbuds have six hours of battery life, with another three total charges in the charging case. That’s the industry standard for TWS earbuds and will easily outlast the battery life of the Meta Quest 2.

You can get Anker’s $99.99 Soundcore VR P10 from Amazon, Soundcore, or Meta. Best Buy will have it later this year, both online and in-store.v

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