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The Aorus AD27QD monitor is one of the coolest things I saw at PAX East

Active noise-canceling from a monitor? I’m here for it.

aorus ad27qd gaming monitor on black background
Image: Aorus

If you have any sort of experience streaming or playing games online in a relatively noisy environment (see: my home) then you probably know that even the best mics can only do so much. When I met with Aorus at PAX East, they showed me that the solution for awesome noise-canceling audio can come from the last place I ever expected. Yeah, the Aorus AD27QD monitor is something else.

As a monitor, the Aorus AD27QD is no slouch. Measuring 27″ with a 1440p resolution and boasting a 144hz refresh rate, the monitor isn’t going to have any issues going toe to toe with some of the best out on the market. I was able to see games played on the monitor and it was super clean and way better than the monitors I use currently. No ghosting, no tearing, and some deep and sharp images. It’s kind of everything you’d want in a monitor if you aren’t Joe.

Where the Aorus AD27QD really starts flexing on the competition is when you start using the three built-in microphones in the monitor.

Yeah, I scoffed too when they showed it to me. My experience with things like that has never been great. I’m pretty sure they knew they were going to blow my mind because on the PAX East show floor, one of the loudest places on Earth, they eliminated all the background noise. Like, all of it.

I put on my headphones and was shown that there was obviously a ton of background noise. I could easily relate it to white noise or sitting under a waterfall that smells like body odor.

Like a magician, my Aorus rep clicked a button on the software to use the active noise-canceling (ANC) features and suddenly the noise disappeared. It was almost disorienting because it had been so loud a moment ago that when I heard my own voice in the mic, it was shockingly clear. The mics work with any headphones that use a 3.5mm connection.

This just proves to me that this could be the go-to solution for anyone looking for a great monitor, regardless of your surroundings.

Parents that stream, students that live in dorms, or just someone that wants a really good noise canceling option will all find a lot of use with the Aorus AD27QD monitor.

You can get your own Aorus AD27QD from NewEgg or Amazon right now. There is a smaller version coming down the road, as well as a massive extended monitor, but don’t expect those in 2019.

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