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Jackbox Party Pack 6 is launching this fall – PAX East 2019

No firm date yet, but it’s definitely coming.

jackbox party pack 6 pax east teaser on twitter
Image: Jackbox Games / Twitter

Let me start with this: I haven’t played any of the games from Jackbox games, other than the ones that were released over ten years ago. Yea, I’m old. But from what I can tell from all the first-hand experiences from family and friends – these games are a lot of fun. And from the looks of it, it sounds like the team is not done with the series.

The game’s developers recently announced a PAX East panel and tweeted out a teaser that the Jack Pack Party Pack 6  has an official launch window and that the game should be released sometime in fall. Again, no specific date has been given other than a vague release window.

Check out the developers reveal the new game in this video recorded from PAX East, around 44 minutes in:

For those out of the loop, the Jackbox Party Pack series is a slew of mini-games where friends and family can play. Each game is different. Some games require players to draw weird doodles, write the best inside joke, or answer hilarious trivia questions. The best part about this experience is that all the contestants in the games use their smartphones to answer the questions. It’s a pretty wild experience.

For those of you familiar with the Jackbox Pary Pack series, get hyped because a new title is being added to the mix. Unfortunately, an exact date hasn’t been given, but in the video above, the developers somewhat hint that more information will be provided at the Jaxbox Games PAX East panel this Saturday. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to update this post. Stay tuned.

Are you stoked for a new Jackbox Party Pack? Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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