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Zoom is now working again after partial outages spread across the US and parts of Europe

I’m sure students are going to be so disappointed.

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UPDATED 1:45pm EST: It seems everything is working fine with Zoom again after many users experienced partial outages this morning. The original article follows.

As students here on the East Coast get ready for their virtual learning sessions, they might be in for a little treat. It seems that Zoom is having worldwide issues with its video conferencing solutions. No one is really sure what is causing the issue, but if I were to guess, I’d imagine a large part of it is just how many students are starting virtual learning today.

According to Down Detector, the issues started about 30 minutes ago and have steadily continued to climb since then.

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Image: Down Detector

As you can see in the graph above, the first reports started around 7:30 am EST.

Here’s what people are saying


Apparently, it’s not down for everyone, however. But if you are trying, and failing, to get into a Zoom room this morning, just know that it’s most likely Zooms fault. There has been no word on what is causing the issues yet, but we’ll update accordingly. In the meantime, you can check on the status of the service here.

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