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Apple almost launched a 14-inch iPad this year, but decided not to

We almost had a supersized iPad.

apple ipad 2022

Renowned Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, in his latest “Power On” newsletter, discussed that Apple has been entertaining the concept of a larger 14-inch iPad model since 2021.

If it materialized, it would have been the biggest iPad to date. But Apple apparently has scrapped the product from its imminent product pipeline, at least for now.

No 14-inch iPad, at least for now

Gurman was the first to state that Apple designers and engineers are exploring the idea of iPads with even bigger screens to blur the line between the iPad and MacBooks.

Although we love the idea of an even larger iPad, there are considerable difficulties in making it a reality. Gurman says Apple got close to launching it this year, but decided against it.

Apple’s first hurdle would have been the transition to an OLED display, which would have cost significantly more. The company is already working on the OLED iPad Pro, which maxes out at 13 inches.

The OLED iPad Pro is slated for 2024 and would cost considerably more. Imagine what it means for the shelved 14-inch iPad. 

Despite scrapping the project, Apple could still be interested in a bigger iPad in the future. The largest Apple currently offers is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is still smaller than Apple’s smallest laptop, the MacBook Air 13.3-inch. 

Apple is rumored to increase the size of the iPad Pro next year to 13 inches to even the game. So, the company could likely go for a larger iPad in the future. 

That said, the 14-inch iPad idea has been scrapped for now. So, there’s no need to put more thought into it… for now.

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