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Apple’s first foldable MacBook rumored for early 2026 release

The foldable MacBook will have almost no display crease and will be powered by Apple’s M5 chip.

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Rumors about Apple’s first foldable product have been confusing and messy at best. The initial rumor hinted at a foldable iPhone slated for 2026.

After that, rumors surfaced about a foldable MacBook, followed by reports that the Cupertino firm is working on both a foldable iPhone and iPad.

However, early this month, rumors of a foldable MacBook resurfaced, and now, the renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed a few details about this mysterious laptop. 

According to Kuo, LG will be manufacturing the display for Apple’s foldable MacBook. The screen is said to be around 20.25 or 18.8 inches and folds into a standard 14-15-inch or 13-14-inch laptop, respectively.

Most interestingly, the report says Apple’s M5 silicon chip will power the foldable MacBook.

The foldable MacBook will have one heck of a price tag

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As we know, following Samsung’s foldable smartphone revolution, a foldable product needs a more advanced hinge and a specialized display.

Kuo claims Apple is looking to make the foldable MacBook display as crease-free as possible, which would require high-end hinges and displays that would also increase the cost significantly. 

Amphenol, the company that manufactures the MacBook’s metal injection molding hinges, is likely to handle the hinge production.

According to the report, the initial estimate for the hinge could be $200- $250, and for the display, $600- $650.

So, if you believe this would be an expensive product, you are on the right track, as Kuo does. He thinks the foldable MacBook’s price could reach the price of the Vision Pro. 

However, there’s a possibility of the cost going down if the yield increases significantly before mass production. 

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While we are skeptical, Apple is reportedly optimistic and confident about its products. The Cupertino firm expects shipments to surpass 1 million units by 2026.  

Finally, Kuo speaks about the launch date. Apparently, Apple is targeting the foldable MacBook’s launch sometime between Q4 2025 and Q2 2026. 

While an earlier report indicated that the project had been pushed back to 2027 due to Apple’s difficulty reducing or eliminating the display crease, Kuo’s report suggests we may get the folding MacBook earlier than expected. 

That said, leave a little space for skepticism. Even though the report comes from a reliable source, Apple can change its plans anytime, or some other difficulty may surface, forcing the company to push back the launch. 

Kuo also mentions the elephant in the room: the foldable iPhone 

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Before we forget, Kuo has also mentioned the foldable iPhone in his report. According to him, Apple is working on a foldable iPhone featuring a 7.9-inch or 8.3-inch display.

However, its development is far behind the foldable MacBook and is not expected to enter the mass production stage until late 2026.

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1 Comment

  1. Telkom University

    May 28, 2024 at 4:33 am

    The rumor about Apple’s first foldable MacBook releasing in early 2026 is exciting news. Looking forward to seeing how they innovate in the laptop space!

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