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The next round of iPhones and iPads will push AR to the next level

Your Snapchat lenses will be better than ever.

triple camera apple iphone mockup
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Apple’s 2020 iPhones might have 20-20 vision thanks to a new laser-based 3D camera. Bloomberg reports that Apple has been in talks with Sony for the sensors to power the camera, which might debut on an upgraded iPad Pro model in early 2020, or on the iPhone range later that year.

More powerful than the dot-projection system that Apple uses in the selfie-cam to power Face ID, this laser-based camera can work up to “15 feet” from the iPhone, opening up a world of new possibilities for AR.

Overlaid objects will be able to line up better with real-world objects with this new tech, as well as improvements to normal photos as it will help the camera capture depth better. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that AR is important to the future of the company, although there aren’t many great apps yet if you don’t play Pokemon Go.

This 3D camera might also be the harbinger of an AR headset from Apple, which it has reportedly been working on for some time now. With competitors like Microsoft’s HoloLens, and Magic Leap‘s One, Apple might be late to the party but then again, fashionably late could be a good thing. The market is only just getting started.

Along with the new laser-based camera, the report also mentions a few other interesting tidbits for the 2019 crop of iPhones. There’s going to be a third camera module, Apple has been testing USB-C instead of the Lightning connector, and enhancements to its photo capturing tools. Oh, and iOS 13 should have a dark mode, for all you light-shy people.

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