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No one asked for it, but Apple may be working on a new iPod

And up to seven iPads.

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The iPod Touch is the last device in the Apple iPod range and it’s been languishing since the 6th-generation was released in 2015.

Now, it might be coming back, with a new iPod entry found in the code of iOS 12.2. That code also points to four new iPad models. That corroborates at least part of the seven new iPad models that Indian site, Mysmartprice, noticed in the Eurasian Economic Commission Database. Those filings in the database are legally required for any encrypted devices sold in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.

Programmer Steven Troughton-Smith tweeted out about the discovery of four new iPad models, only mentioned as “iPad 11.1 through iPad 11.4.” Two are Wi-Fi only and the other two are cellular-enabled. Could this mean two new 9.7-inch iPads and two iPad minis? It should be noted that none of them have Face ID.

More about the rumored new iPod and iPad models

He also found mention of an iPod 9.1, mentioned without Touch ID or Face ID. With the existing 6th-gen iPod touch being iPod 7.1, this seems likely to be a real code. With recent rumors mentioning Apple working on a 7th-gen iPod touch, it appears that iOS 12.2 has verified the development. Rumors also abound of a 5th-gen iPad mini, so at least on the face of it, those seem legit too.

The seven devices registered with the Eurasian Economic Commission last week are all new model numbers, so assuming the four found by Troughton-Smith are part of that list – what are the other three? Could they be low-cost versions, perhaps with an older A8 or A9 chip, either for non-US markets or to take market share from Android?

I think probably not, Apple has carved a ‘premium’ niche for its products so any low-cost version hurts their brand. Perhaps the models will come with an Apple Pencil or some other way to differentiate. We’ll likely see soon, as March is the historical time for Apple to release new tablets.

What do you think? Would you like to see a new iPod? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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