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Apple is getting ready to launch its first online store in India on September 23

It is surprising that it has taken this long.

Apple has had a presence in the Indian market for more than two decades. During those two decades, they relied solely on third-party offline and online retailers to sell their products. However, this approach has proven extremely ineffective, considering that Android still dominates 97% of the smartphone market.

Apple is making its first attempt to disrupt Android’s dominance by opening its first online store in India. For the first time, Apple users in India will be able to enjoy a wide range of new services that were not previously available through third-party sellers.

Apple’s online store will offer AppleCare+, which brings extended coverage on many of its hardware products for up to two years. Then there is their popular trade-in program that gives discounts to customers that bring back their old Apple devices. Furthermore, Mac buyers will be able to customize their configurations according to their personal preferences.

Through its website, Apple informed the public in India about a range of financing options. One aspect of the financial options will be directed towards students that will also enjoy discounts on almost all Apple products and accessories. Shopping with an Apple specialist, free no contact delivery, chat and call support are additional features that were previously not available in India.

To the surprise of users in India, Apple even announced free sessions on photography and music that will be available in the next month or so.

The new, more aggressive strategy started way before Apple’s plan to launch its first online store in India. Notably, India is the world’s second-biggest smartphone market. A few years ago, through its manufacturing partner Foxconn, Apple opened its first assembly line in India.

By assembling smartphones in India, Apple effectively avoids around 20% import duty that is usually charged on imported electronic goods. This is of massive significance for Apple in India because it helps them lower their products’ cost. To that end, Apple is already offering Apple TV+ and Apple Music for record low subscription fees.

So far, the new online store is the latest Apple attempt to increase its market share in India. They haven’t revealed anything beyond that. However, it is evident that Apple will do a lot more to bring its brand closer to the Indian market.

What do you think? Surprised it has taken the company this long to increase its presence in India? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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