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Apple might offer subscriptions for iPhones and more in 2023

You might be able get a subscription for an iPad or MacBook in 2023.

apple store selling iphone in new york
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Apple has been making a push in the subscription game for years now and according to a new report from Bloomberg, the company is about to take that to the next level.

Bloomberg’s report notes that Apple is looking into offering the iPhone and potentially other hardware products as part of a subscription service. It’s unclear exactly what this rumored subscription service would offer users.

Apple already has the iPhone Upgrade Program that offers a new iPhone every year and that includes AppleCare+. Maybe Apple is planning on bigger bundles with these new subscription rumors. Something similar to what Google is doing with Pixel Pass.

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That would give the company a way to push more subscriptions to users that may be on the fence about certain Apple subscriptions.

Apple One was the company’s big push into larger bundles for Apple users. This could be the next step of that initiative.

It’s also possible that the company will use these new programs to target more users outside of the US.

With Bloomberg’s report also mentioning other hardware products, it opens up a lot of possibilities for both Apple fans and those on the fence about making the switch from Android or even Windows when it comes to computers.

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