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Apple Studio Display users can finally update their device

You’ll never guess what the bug was…

mac studio and studio display
Image: Apple

Apple has fixed an issue with the Apple Studio Display that stopped users from updating their devices. Now users can update their firmware, which might be welcome news to some.

Over the weekend, a thread on Apple’s discussion forum sprung into life. In it, over 50 users of the Studio Display had one common problem – they couldn’t update the device. When they tried, they received the below error message:

Apple Studio Display firmware update could not be completed. Try again in an hour. If the problem persists, contact an authorized Apple service provider.

That’s bad enough on its own, stopping you from updating your brand-new $1,599 monitor. What makes this bug even worse is that it stopped the users from updating the Mac they had attached to the Studio Display.

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Yes, a bug in one device stopped them from getting the important security updates for macOS on their computer. That’s a bad look, Apple, but it gets worse.

The reason you couldn’t update your Studio Display? It was Apple all along. See, according to Macworld, when Apple releases a new iOS update, they “stop signing” the previous version.

iOS 15.4 can’t even install properly on the monitor, as it “basically has the guts of an iPhone 11;” while iOS 15.4.1 doesn’t work on the Studio Display.

The fix? Apple has re-signed iOS 15.4, so the Studio Display can now update its firmware. You also need your Mac to be on macOS 12.3.1, so check for an update for that. Oh, also, this update doesn’t actually fix the display’s webcam issue.

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