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Apple Watch X will be a major redesign launching next year

New magnetic band attachment is also being tested.

Apple watch series 8

There have been multiple iterations of the Apple Watch, with minor technical upgrades in every iteration, while the overall design remained mostly the same. 

The biggest departure from Apple’s tried and tested formula was seen last year with the Apple Watch Ultra, which delivers the best premium feature Apple has to offer.

Even the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 is said to be coming with minor upgrades, which is slated to release in September alongside the iPhone 15 series

However, we are not discussing 2023’s Apple Watch iteration but the tenth iteration of Apple’s smartwatch, the Apple Watch X, which will be launched next year and is expected to get a redesign. 

What to expect from the Apple Watch X 

Renowned journalist Mark Gurman has stated in his latest Power On newsletter that Apple is planning to launch the “Apple Watch X” in 2024, and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of one of the world’s most successful smartwatch lineup, Apple is planning a redesign of the standard Apple Watch series.  

According to Gurman, the company is planning to launch the Apple Watch X with a thinner design and a new band attachment style. 

Since its launch, the Apple Watch has kept the staple sliding-and-locking mechanism. Besides the minor size differences, Apple’s decision to stick to the same mechanism enabled the customers to use older bands with newer watches, making the bands backward compatible. 

Apple watch x is expected to get a major redesign
Image: KnowTechie

Overall, it was an excellent idea on Apple’s part that kept the customers happy and enabled them to experiment with different bands without breaking the bank. 

Although Apple’s design mechanism was way ahead of its time, Apple held it back for almost a decade. The mechanism has now become outdated, and it takes considerable space that can be used for other components. 

However, we speculate Apple has realized it to change it. The Cupertino company is rumored to be working on a new magnetic band attachment system, but whether it will be available with the Apple Watch X is still unclear. 

In terms of hardware, Apple is working on a microLED display that is rumored to be considerably better than the current OLED display. The company is also rumored to be working on a blood pressure monitoring feature. 

But Apple Watch X is still a year away, so more rumors are bound to appear, and it remains to be seen which changes end up on the final products. 

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