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When is the new Apple Watch coming out?

The Apple Watch Series 10 is coming, but when?

apple watch series 8
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Quick Answer: There’s no confirmed data yet, but the Apple Watch is expected to come out sometime in September, usually the second week of the month.

Much like its flagship iPhones, Apple tends to release a new Apple Watch model every year. The company has released a new model every year since 2015 when the original Watch came out.

2024 seems to be no different, and it’s safe to assume that Apple will stick to its usual schedule with the next wearable.

After all, the company launched the Apple Watch Ultra last year. We’ll surely see some of the new features found in that model added to the Series 9 in 2024.

Apple Watch Series 9 release date

Short answer: The Apple Watch Series 9 was announced on September 12, 2023, and it became available in stores starting on September 22, 2023

Every single Apple Watch so far has been announced in September, except for the original, which saw its release in April 2015.

Apple has released the wearable alongside that year’s iPhone range, except for 2020, when the iPhone wasn’t announced until the month after.

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When do new Apple Watches come out?

SeriesRelease Date
1st GenerationApril 24, 2015
Series 2September 7, 2016
Series 3September 12, 2017
Series 4September 21, 2018
Series 5September 20, 2019
Series 6September 18, 2020
Series 7October 15, 2021
Series 8September 16, 2022
Series 9September 12, 2023
Series 10September ?, 2023

As to when in September, we have a couple of reference dates to go by. Apple almost always has its iPhone and Apple Watch event on the second Tuesday of September. Sometimes, it has been on the second Wednesday.

One thing to note is that while Apple has been fairly consistent with their release schedule, delays are always possible. And even after the announcement, it might be a week or more before the new model is available for order. But as long as there aren’t any major supply issues, we can anticipate that the launch will occur around the same time as previous years.

So, if we had to put all the chips on the table, we would put our bet on the second week of September. But who knows, that could change, and it’s ultimately Apple’s decision.

apple watch series 8
Apple Watch Series 8 (Image: Apple)

Of course, this Series 10 release date may not be accurate. Delays are always possible, and even if the wearable is announced, we might have to wait to be able to order one.

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Last year, there was a little over a week gap between the announcement and release. As long as there aren’t any supply issues, we expect about the same time between the announcement and the official release date.

What to expect from the Apple Watch Series 10

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to bring even more enhancements and features that take full advantage of the device’s capabilities.

Apple’s trend of introducing new features with every update gives us a hint of what to expect. With the Series 9, we saw brighter displays, easier ways to find misplaced iPhones, and redesigned apps that fully utilize the screen.

WatchOS 10 even brought in enhanced cycling metrics, improved hiking features, and tools for mental health.

When does the new Apple Watch come out?

As for the Series 10, we can likely look forward to further advancements in these areas, along with the introduction of new functionalities.

Developers and enterprises can also expect to see additional device management and communication features, providing even more value to Apple’s smartwatch ecosystem.

So, as we eagerly await the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 10, the best advice is to stay tuned for updates from Apple. The company is known for its surprises, and we’re likely in for some exciting developments as we approach the anticipated release date.

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