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When is the new Apple Watch coming out?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is coming, but when?

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This year, the Apple Watch Series 8 might come with some new differences. We’ve heard about flatter glass, a larger screen size, and even a rugged version. But when is the Apple Watch Series 8 release date?

We’re all excited to know more about the rumored sensor that can detect if you have a fever. The Low Power Mode that lets you use apps while sipping power sounds great. This might even be the year that we get blood pressure monitoring, to add to Apple’s Health stack.

None of those questions matter right now, however. The only important piece of information is the release date. So, when is it?

So, when is the new Apple Watch coming out?

Short answer: Fall 2022

Every single Apple Watch has been announced in September, except for the original, which was in April of 2015.

Apple has released the wearable alongside that year’s iPhone range, except for 2020 when the iPhone didn’t get announced until the month after.

As to when in September, we have a couple of pointers. Apple almost always has its iPhone and Apple Watch event on the second Tuesday of September. Sometimes it’s been the second Wednesday. Expect the second week of September again this year, so that’s September 13 or 14.

watch os9 splash screen
Image: Apple

Of course, this Apple Watch Series 8 release date prediction might not be accurate. Delays are always possible, and even if the wearable is announced, we might have to wait to be able to order one.

Last year, there was about a month gap between announcement and release. Global supply chains have recovered somewhat, so maybe that gap will reduce this time around.

We’ll have to wait to find out exactly when the Apple Watch Series 8 will be released. Until then, we’ll keep bringing you all the rumors as we find them out.

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