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How to share an Apple TV+ subscription with family & friends

Can i share my Apple TV+ subscription with friends or family? Sure you can!

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When you discover a good thing, often you’ll want to share it with others. Or perhaps you prefer to hoard it for yourself.

If you’re not a sharer, this guide isn’t for you. If, however, you would like to learn how to share a subscription, Apple makes it easy.

Apple TV+ has been gaining content since its inception in 2019, and some of it is worth watching.

You may be eligible for a free trial if you haven’t sampled the service yet and have a new Apple device that is less than 90 days old. And if you’re not eligible, no sweat; Best Buy will hook you up with one for free.

Apple TV+ Free Trial Apple TV+ Free Trial

Apple TV+ offers a diverse range of original content, from engaging dramas to insightful documentaries.

What We Like:
  • Boasts an impressive line-up of original shows Fewer, but higher quality and critically acclaimed productions.
  • The servsice's interface is intuitive and easy-to-navigate, enhancing your viewing experience.
  • Free Trial: The opportunity to try before you buy. A free trial allows you to explore the service before committing financially.
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Once subscribed, you can utilize Apple TV Family Sharing to grant up to six friends or family members access to the streaming service.

Here we’ll discuss how to share Apple TV+ with family from your Mac or iOS device.

How to share an Apple TV+ subscription on a Mac

If you’re ready to start sharing, you can begin your philanthropic endeavor by following a few simple steps.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about password sharing to share Apple TV Plus with friends or family.

Here’s how to share your Apple TV+ subscription on a Mac:

Make sure you’re subscribed

Launch the Apple TV app and subscribe to Apple TV+ if you haven’t already.

Head to System Preferences

Navigate to System Preferences > Family Sharing.
Select Family Sharing from the side menu.

Invite family or friends to share Apple TV Plus

Click the Plus (+) button and invite friends or family members.

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When enabled, Apple TV+ should appear in the Shared with your family section of the side menu.

While using the shared subscription, each family member will see their own personal preferences and recommendations, which means no one’s viewing habits will interfere with anyone else.

How to share an Apple TV+ subscription on an iOS device

apple tv family sharing on ios
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If iOS is your OS flavor of choice, sharing is still a simple process.

Here’s how to share your subscription on an iOS device:

  1. Launch the Apple TV app and subscribe to Apple TV+ if you haven’t already.
  1. Open the Settings app and tap your account name/icon.
  1. Tap Family Sharing.
  1. Tap Add Member and invite whoever you want to share your subscription with.

When set up correctly, Apple TV+ should appear in the Shared with your family section of the menu. That’s all there is to it.

And if a family member wrongs you in any way, you can remove them from the group and force them to pay for their own subscription. You have the power.

Sharing subscriptions makes sense

With so many streaming services on offer, sharing subscriptions is the ideal way to access a whole lot of content without copping a massive bill that rivals those dished out by ancient pay-TV providers.

We certainly don’t want to relive those dark days.

The content is worth sampling if you can take advantage of Apple TV+’s free trial. You may even find something you like, and the best things in life are worth sharing.

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