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How to update AirPods firmware

This method will ‘work’ for any model of AirPods.

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Quick Answer: Apple doesn’t let users manually update AirPods firmware. You’ll have to wait for the company to push out updates. That said, some tricks could help. Keep reading to learn more.

Your AirPods are great for music and phone calls, but sometimes Apple needs to push updates to improve them. That’s where firmware updates come in.

Apple pushes updates for a variety of reasons. That includes new features, bug fixes, and more. But how do you trigger the update?

The simple answer is that you can’t manually update your AirPods or AirPods Pro, no matter which version you own. It’s not a question of compatibility but one of trust. Trust between Apple and, well, anyone.

how to update airpods firmware
Image: KnowTechie

Apple does have a manual update tool for AirPods Pro firmware, but it’s internal only, so only Apple-approved technicians can access it.

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But all hope is not lost. Some users have found a trick that they claim helps spur updates. If you’re not an Apple-approved technician, here’s how you can try to update your AirPods’ firmware.

How to (possibly) speed up your AirPods firmware update

While there is no official way to speed up the updating process, some users have reported success using the following method.

Remove your AirPods from their case and connect them to your iPhoneapple airpods on iphone 7
Put them back into the case, then plug the case into a charging cable
Now plug your iPhone into its charger

From there, you’ll just need to wait. Admittedly, we don’t have high hopes for this method, but it is worth trying.

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The only thing you really can do to trigger a firmware update on your AirPods is to wait. Can we suggest some meditation podcasts on Apple Music while you wait?

They won’t help you get a firmware update, but they’ll teach you how to be okay with waiting, and that’s invaluable.

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