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Can Apple Watch measure blood pressure?

Apple Watches are stuffed with features, but what about blood pressure monitoring and testing?

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The Apple Watch is a marvel of miniaturized technology. Seriously, it’s a wrist-mounted computer with a ton of features and health monitoring options. But does that include measuring blood pressure alongside everything else?

Apple has stuffed the Apple Watch full of advanced technology, including a ton of sensors. It can track your biometrics, sleep, movement, and more. It can even dial 911 when it detects a fall, which is pretty darn great.

With all of those sensors, can it measure your blood pressure?

Can the Apple Watch measure your blood pressure?

Short answer: Not yet

The last time we heard anything about Apple working on blood pressure monitoring, the feature was still a ways off from completion.

Apple was trying to figure out a way to measure it without directly measuring it. Also, it was planned to show blood pressure trends, not baseline measurements of systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

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That’s not to say that a future Apple Watch couldn’t show baseline measurements. A British start-up called Rockley Photonics has Apple as one of its main customers.

If you guessed that Rockley makes sensors that could measure blood pressure, give yourself a gold star. They make sensors that can measure everything from blood alcohol levels to glucose, and even blood pressure.

Those are potentially ready for market next year, so the Apple Watch 8 or later could feature accurate blood pressure monitoring.

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