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The Apple Watch has now saved one person from serious injury twice

Dan Pfau has now had the Apple Watch help him twice during emergencies.

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The Apple Watch is stuffed with convenient features, but it also has many things built-in that can help people monitor their health or even call 911 during an emergency. Now, the Boston Globe has reported that one man has used the Apple Watch twice during emergencies.

Two years ago, Dan Pfau, now 70, was riding a bike before suffering a fall. He woke up in an ambulance, not having remembered ever calling them. That’s because the Apple Watch’s fall detection system did it for him.

At the emergency room, doctors let him know they found a minor brain hemorrhage. While it healed on its own, things could have been worse if Pfau wasn’t taken to the hospital.

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This time, Pfau was at home when he had a fainting spell that caused him to hit his head on the hardwood floor. Pfau staggered to his feet before falling again in the bathroom. The Apple Watch didn’t call emergency services because Pfau selected the option to indicate he was ok.

Shortly after, however, he realized that he was not ok, and used the microphone to text his wife, alerting her of the fall. An ambulance was called and this time, Pfau required nine stitches and four days in intensive care due to a fractured vertebra.

This isn’t the only incident of the Apple Watch helping someone during a medical emergency recently. Earlier this month, the Apple Watch alerted a man’s father after he fell in a hospital bathroom, resulting in a skull fracture and life-threatening hematomas.

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